Recycling is the need of the hour. Not only it extends benefits to the environment but also, in the long run, it reduces the carbon footprint. When you purchase a skip hire caernarfon, you contribute towards a greener environment. It is essential to understand the importance of recycling as the recycling waste reduces the total waste to only now- recyclable waste. Thus, you only have to use the skip hire bin to fill in the non-recyclable waste, which in turn provides better use of the container, radical disposal for more waste and environmentally conscious waste disposal.

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It is recommended to categorize your industrial or domestic waste into the categories of recyclable and non-recyclable items. In the industrial sector, while this can be followed on a regular basis, in the internal use, this can help in the best use of a skip bin, before a big clean out. This will ensure that anything which should not go in the waste bin does not accidentally end up there. Therefore, we look at some of the interesting skip hire facts:

Skip Hire Facts

– Across the globe, the UK is one of the top producers of waste generation per capita, which implies that in nearly all countries, each Person on an average produces higher waste volume than other individuals. To be precise, approximately 400 kilograms of waste per year is generated by each UK household.
– As regards recycling waste, UK was the number 1 country in the world, in 2008, in newspaper recycling.
– For every ton of paper which is recycled, three cubic meters of the landfill is kept aside.
– On recycling of cardboard or paper, weighing 1 kilogram, greenhouse gases production is reduced by 1 kilogram.
– In UK, 376,000 tons of packaging in plastic is used, every year.
– In recyclable waste, approximately 2/3rd of all the waste which is sent to landfill in UK is made up of food organics.
– In a landfill, up to 500 years are taken by the plastic bottles to breakdown.
– On recycling of 1 plastic bottle, enough power is produced that can power a computer system for 25 minutes.

These skip hire facts are a great motivator to separate out the recyclable and non-recyclable waste and make the best use of your skip bins.